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China Supply Chain Innovation League is an innovative platform that brings together the first-class academic, industrial, technological and capital resources in China and the global supply chain and logistics fields. It aims to establish a fast, efficient and scientific innovation and cooperation mechanism for academic, industrial, technological and capital resources by establishing contacts, exchanges and cooperation with the supply chain field and all sectors of society. In order to meet the needs of China to actively and extensively participate in the development process of supply chain. In addition, the league will make use of global academic resources and cross-border scientific and technological forces to provide high-quality services to its members, enhance their innovation ability and industry influence; train innovative and composite talents with global vision, know both technology and industry; focus on the pain points and difficulties of industry development, pay attention to challenges and opportunities of long-term development, and promote technological breakthroughs, policy support and industrial upgrading. The league shall build a dynamic logistics and supply chain ecosystem, strengthen international cooperation and exchanges with top academic institutions and leading enterprises in the world, help members expand international markets and expand their international influence.

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Ningbo Supply Chain Innovation Institute China

Ningbo Supply Chain Innovation Institute China is a non-profit independent educational and research institution that is a full-standing member of the MIT Global Supply Chain and Logistics Excellence (SCALE) Network. In addition to the NSCIIC, the SCALE Network has four centers outside the United States in Colombia, Spain, Luxembourg and Malaysia. The SCALE Network spans Europe, North America, Latin America, and Asia with over 14 graduate and executive education programs, 90 supply chain and logistics faculty and research partners, 100 corporate and organization partners, and more than 1,000 alumni worldwide.

NSCIIC has modeled its master degree and executive education programs after MIT's curriculum, teaching method and evaluation system in order to foster international supply chain management talent. The Institute has also established industrial alliances to promote enterprise-wide collaborative innovation and enhance the global competitiveness of its corporate partners, building deeply-integrated research and teaching collaborative innovation system.

Founding Agency

Y-CITY Innovation Academy

Y-CITY is a leading education and innovation platform headquartered in Shanghai, China. We provide online and offline executive and professional education in artificial intelligence, blockchain, big data, IoT, and other emerging technologies. We advise and partner with startups, corporations and governments to leverage disruptive technologies and develop innovative talents. We work with leaders from private and public sectors on five continents to create an innovation ecosystem for all participants.
Our vision is to empower everyone with technologies.


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