Lan Shi

Founder and CEO of Y-CITY Global Innovation Institute
Ms. Lan Shi is the founder and CEO of Y-CITY Global Innovation Institute. She has rich resources and experience in education, science and technology, venture capital and other fields. She is also the co-chairman of Header Capital, the founder of Spaceyun and the executive secretary of China Education 30 Forum. She has worked as an investment partner of Cybernaut and as a consultancy director in some well-known international companies such as Hewlett-Packard, Hewitt and Towers Perrin. She is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), a Bachelor of Management, Fudan University, and a Master of Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She has been elected to the Aspen Society and the Aspen Global Leadership Network in the United States as a Chinese elite. She has served as chairman of MIT Education Committee in China and Shanghai Alumni Association. She loves public welfare, education and art, and serves as entrepreneurship mentor and director of public welfare organizations in many cities and universities in China.

Ming Liao

Visiting Professor NYU, Shanghai New York University. He was the Chief Digital Officer of Huawei Consumer Group, responsible for global digital marketing, and the General Manager of Marketing Science for Facebook Asia Pacific. Master of Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Duke University, USA. Research direction: Machine Learning and Bayesian Model. He has rich experience in marketing and advertising, including brand building, digital marketing, social media, CRM, e-commerce, consumer insight and analysis. Over the past 20 years, he has worked in many industries, including IT, fast food, luxury goods, retail, tourism, automobile, pharmaceutical and financial industries. He has ga keynote speeches and lectures at many industry conferences and well-known business schools. He has held senior management positions in the United States and China, such as Unilever, Mindshare and Nielsen.

Cewu Lu

Chief Scientist
Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, The Recruitment Program of Global Experts, post-doc of The Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory; learn from Li Feifei, chief scientist of Google Cloud AI and head of Google AI China Center. Stanford-Toyota Unmanned Vehicle Project Leader, President of International Intelligent Multimedia Conference (CVM 2018), Executive Deputy Director of Shangtang Science and Technology-Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Laboratory, MIT TR35 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT TR35) Creates the China List of Talents under 35 years of age.

John Chisholm

International director
board trustee of MIT and Santa Fe Institute and former president of MIT Global Alumni. Famous Silicon Valley investors and entrepreneurs. Judges of World Internet Conference. CEO of John Chisholm Venture. More than 30 years' experience in entrepreneurship, management and investment. Writer of Unleash Your inner Company, which was introduced by CITIC Publishing House. Fortune Magazine Columnist. He founded internet company Decisive Technology and Customer Sat which were acquired by Google and Confirmit, respectively. Bachelor of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science, MIT; MBA of Harvard Business School.

John Du Pre Gauntt

Founder of Media Dojo, recently he is organizing The Augmented City — a podcast series exploring the intersection of AI with urban life & culture.
More than 20 years’ experience in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Technology Media, Education and Executive management. The Economist, Financial Times and Oxford Economics Science and Technology Intelligence Writer.
Researcher, University of Washington. As an industry expert, he often gives speeches and lectures at the World Economic Forum, Harvard, Columbia and UC Berkeley. Master’s Degree in Information Systems, London School of Economics and Politics (LSE).

BingBing Jin

Operation Director
Director of Global Joint Innovation Laboratories. Expert in Innovation and entrepreneurship, frontier science and technology activities organization and operation. As a core member, she successfully organized the 2017 China(Hefei)Artificial Intelligence International Youth Summit, Y-CITY Global Youth Innovation Classroom and lots of other summits. More than 5 years sales and management experience on Industrial Consumables. Certified Safety Engineer. MBA of Fudan University, Bachelor of Zhejiang University of Technology.